As one of the early pioneers in the insect-based food industry, All Thing Bugs LLC prides itself in the unrivaled breadth and depth of experience and expertise we have achieved through over a decade of R&D–from patented processing methods and ingredients to insect farming technologies, manufacturing experience and even insect genetic engineering. As a leading innovator, the company and founder Dr. Aaron T. Dossey even have their eye on the future of this rapidly growing industry.Our passion is to contribute our experience and expertise toward more sustainable food security that reduces human impact on nature utilizing insects as our tool of choice. In addition to our oqn products and other research outputs, we offer services to others interested in this space to exponentially expand our positive impact in the world


Innovation, especially in agriculture and business, is always a multi-disciplinary endeavor. The best solutions combine insight and experience from multiple fields. All Things Bugs LLC is always looking for new research and business collaborations. Click here to learn more about opportunities to collaborate with All Things Bugs LLC.

Research and Development Services

Our firm is unmatched in the breadth and depth of our research and technical expertise. We have developed and offer products, methods and research resources in any area of the insect industry including food product development, processing and ingredients, farming equipment and solutions, manufacturing, insect feed formulations and genetic engineering to optimize insect genetic lines for any application.

Media and Education (Contact Us for Media Inquiries)

Journalists, reporters and educators: This is a historic and exciting time for food and agriculture particularly for the insect industry! However, we can only be as successful as the quality of information available to the public–which means getting it from the RIGHT SOURCES! Our founder, Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, is the world’s leading expert in the field of insects as sustainable food ingredients (he literally published the book on it!), and is passionate about educating the world on this subject! Anyone interested in learning about this exciting cutting-edge field should contact Dr. Dossey for the best quality and most accurate information available.


Partnerships are the best way to grow a food or agricultural business. There are many steps in the supply chain, and when companies find synergy to fill complimentary niches in that chain, magic happens! We are interested in working with insect farmers and food manufacturers to see how we can scale up use of insect protein in the food and feed industry and contribute our expertise and technologies to contribute to a more sustainable food supply and maximize success. Please contact us if you would like to learn about our Griopro® cricket powder, powders from other insects such as mealworms or black soldier fly, or any of our other innovations, methods, equipment, or technologies. We’d love to partner with you!


All Things Bugs LLC’s founder Dr. Aaron T. Dossey’s primary career objective is to contribute his work toward a more sustainable, secure food supply to benefit biodiversity on earth. Toward this goal we also are very happy to work with NGOs, nonprofits, go vernments and other entities to put our work into practice. Please contact us to see how we can work with you to establish insect farming and insect based food globally for a healthier world. You may also be interested in our 2022 contribution to USAID: click here for more.

Consulting Service

We understand that our deep experience and expertise can be of value to many types of enterprises in the insect industry. Click Here to learn more about how our Consulting services can help your insect farm, product line and/or research laboratory!

Innovations By All Things Bugs LLC:

All Things Bugs LLC is a world leading innovator in the field and industry of insects as a sustainable food and protein and bioresource. You can lean more about our research, innovations, products and services at the following links:


Why Insects

As the human population grows it is critical for us to reduce our consumption of natural resources and outputs of pollution in order for life on earth to remain healthy. Insects provide substantial solutions to the need for more sustainable food and other bioproduction needs. They are the most diverse and efficient organisms on Earth. Farming insects requires substantially less resources such as land, water and feed while generating far lower amounts of greenhouse gases and contribution to climate change than any other protein source. Insects provide highly nutritious, clean, prolific and versatile protein and oil ingredients with applications far beyond food and animal feed including vaccines, antibiotics, medicines, pharmaceuticals and other valuable biomaterials. With our innovations, we are just now tapping this massive yet nearly completely unexplored resource. Learn more by exploring our research and buying our book.

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