Griopro® Cricket Powder

Our Griopro® cricket powder is uniquely well suited for more food and beverage applications than any other insect-based product on the market. Our patented innovations have developed an efficient process for gently grinding and drying farm-raised insects into a super fine, light-colored powder. We have rigorously tested this groundbreaking ingredient in numerous research projects to determine its functionality in numerous food products, shelf-life, nutrient content, and protein digestibility (PDCAAS). It has the most neutral aroma and flavor of any insect powder out there and blends best with other ingredients to make numerous food and beverage products, such as pasta, baked goods, shakes, smoothies, meat extenders, puffed extruded snacks, bars, cereals, tortillas, and much more.

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Best Quality on the Market!

Griopro® is the highest quality insect-based ingredient on the global market. This sustainable, versatile does not impart any grittiness to the product and can be incorporated at higher levels than other insect powders without affecting flavor, texture, aroma, or overall product quality and functionality. Our process microencapsulates the fats, oils and other nutrients into tiny protein particles which are homogeneous in their makeup and consistency. We use much less heat to dry our insects than other brands, allowing Griopro® to maintain a very long shelf-life. Further, Griopro® maintains its neutral aroma, color, and flavor throughout the life of the product. Using insect-based ingredients provides food manufacturers with an opportunity to incorporate higher levels of animal protein into many products in a much more sustainable way.

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Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients

“Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients: Production, Processing, and Food Applications” describes how insects can be mass-produced and incorporated into our food supply at an industrial and cost-effective scale, providing valuable guidance on how to build insect-based agriculture and food and biomaterial industries.

Editor Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, a pioneer in the industry, brings together a team of international experts who effectively summarize the current state-of-the-art, providing helpful recommendations on which readers can build companies, products, and research programs.

Researchers, students, food and agriculture industry representatives, entrepreneurs, farmers, policymakers, and anyone interested in insect mass production and the industrial use of insects will benefit from the content in this comprehensive reference. The book contains all the information a basic practitioner in the field needs, making this a useful resource for those writing a grant, research, or review article, a press article, or news clip, or for those deciding how to enter the world of insect-based food ingredients.

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