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At All Things Bugs LLC, we understand that business and technology challenges don’t always require a long-term or large-scale commitment–sometimes you just need a little advice or technical solution to take your endeavor to the next level. Innovation, especially in agriculture and business, is always a multi-disciplinary endeavor. That is why we offer fee-based Consulting services (starting at $500 per hour) in addition to our other Research, Collaboration, Partnership and other business solutions. Contact Us to learn more about how we can bring value to your enterprise.

Our deep experience and expertise can be of value to many types of enterprises in the insect industry. Our Consulting services can help your insect farm, product line and/or research laboratory!

Our areas of experience and expertise include but are not limited to: Automated insect farming technology, food product development, manufacturing, establishing insect farms and insect based food production in developing nations (such as tropical or island nations, but also others), edible insect value to health and nutrition, food safety studies on edible insects, clinical trials using edible insects or insect powder as an ingredient and insect genetic engineering, Insect based vaccines, drug discovery derived from insects.

As one of the early pioneers in the insect-based food industry, All Thing Bugs LLC prides itself in the unrivaled breadth and depth of experience and expertise we have achieved through over a decade of R&D. Click Here to learn more about our research and capabilities.

Why Insects?

As the human population grows it is critical for us to reduce our consumption of natural resources and outputs of pollution in order for life on earth to remain healthy. Insects provide substantial solutions to the need for more sustainable food and other bioproduction needs. They are the most diverse and efficient organisms on Earth. Farming insects requires substantially less resources such as land, water and feed while generating far lower amounts of greenhouse gases and contribution to climate change than any other protein source. Insects provide highly nutritious, clean, prolific and versatile protein and oil ingredients with applications far beyond food and animal feed including vaccines, antibiotics, medicines, pharmaceuticals and other valuable biomaterials. With our innovations, we are just now tapping this massive yet nearly completely unexplored resource. Learn more by exploring our research and buying our book.

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