While insect protein is a game-changer for sustainable agriculture and feeding the world while maintaining a healthy planet, the insect industry needs market opportunities for success. The benefits of insect agriculture can only be realized at increased scale when used by the food industry to displace other proteins that have larger environmental footprints such as beef, pork and dairy. Good Food Science is critical to this success.

As an industry pioneer, All Things Bugs LLC was one of the first insect-based food companies in the world and THE first insect based food ingredient wholesaler–starting with our patented cricket powder. Our company the world in our experience and creativity developing a wide variety of insect based food products. Along with our patented insect based ingredient technologies, we have also completed multiple successful research projects resulting in numerous food products using these ingredients and evaluating their functional and sensory attributes. Our goals have been to develop popular staple food items incorporating maximum amounts of insect protein and overall nutrition, while maintaining great flavor, texture and aroma.

Some examples of products we have developed include: cereals, puffed extruded snacks, pastas, tortillas, baked goods, bars, shakes, smoothies and meat alternatives. We have focused on products which are typically low protein and high carb in order to provide maximum opportunities to offer higher protein in areas of the diet where protein is often lacking. We also have worked primarily on products we can use to learn the most about the functional properties of insect protein: primarily extruded products (cereals, snacks and pastas), baked goods and meat alternatives. We have collected substantial data and developed multiple market-ready food product prototypes.

Sustainability is not only critical to the health of all life on earth, but is also a HOT marketing attribute in food and agriculture! All Things Bugs LLC can help your company to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint while increasing protein and nutritional content of your products. We can also offer opportunities to partner, bringing our ready-to-market products to the world!

Contact us to learn more about how we can work with you to improve your products with insect protein or partner to commercialize our many amazing food product prototypes!

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