All Things Bugs Develops Sustainable Eco-Friendly Technologies From Insects To Improve Food Security And Health.

In 2011, Dr. Aaron T. Dossey was inspired to found All Things Bugs LLC, which before was simply a Facebook page for his insect photography hobby. The central theme of his research is to capitalize on the chemical and biological diversity which exists among arthropods for a host of applications including drug discovery and how insects might contribute to a more sustainable human food supply. While unemployed and seeking a faculty position, Dr. Dossey attended a couple of conferences where he learned of the concept of insects as a sustainable food source. As a passionate life-long insect enthusiast, and Ph.D. Biochemist, this all made sense to Dr. Dossey. He was well familiar with the extreme efficiency of the well-oiled machine that is insect biology. Late in 2010, a professor he met at a conference told him about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grants. On a whim, and since it was just a short 2 page application, Dr. Dossey applied proposing to develop a sustainable eco-friendly RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) product made from insects to alleviate malnutrition in children from famine-stricken areas of the world. Dossey was shocked when the Gates foundation called him and wanted to fund the project! However, as he was unemployed at the time, in order to receive the grant Dr. Dossey had to file his LLC–and thus, with Gates funding and his $5,000 savings, All Things Bugs LLC was born!

Shortly after the Gates project, we received USDA funding with which we were able to develop and commercialize our patented Griopro® cricket powder production technology and become the world’s first wholesaler of insect based food ingredients!

Since those early days, All Things Bugs LLC has grown and diversified into every area of the insect industry, from farming technology to food product development to even genetic engineering with over $5 million in research funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), OCAST (Oklahoma) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA/ military)

Insects make up the largest and most diverse group of organisms on the planet. However, relatively little research has been done to utilize these features of insects for the benefit of people and our planet. Thus, All Things Bugs, LLC seeks to capitalize on this Low-Crawling Fruit by developing insect-derived food products and biologically active chemical compounds for use in agriculture and medicine. While insects are a very sustainable source of protein, All Things Bugs LLC is innovating to make them a feasible commodity for the food industry. All Things Bugs LLC, and President, Founder, Owner Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, is a world leader and pioneer in research, technology and commercializing high quality food ingredients made from farm raised insects. All Things Bugs LLC has a unique team with skills and experiences spanning all areas to make insects the most competitive sustainable protein source on the market. As the world’s first insect-based food ingredient wholesaler, we have the network, connections, reputation and experience to lead this effort.

Technologies / Creating a Positive Industry Disruption:

  • Patented Processing Technology and Food Product Development: All Things Bugs LLC has patents pending on our proprietary spray drying process, invented by Dr. Dossey, to produce the highest quality insect-based food products available anywhere. We have also developed multiple food items from our insect based ingredients including: puffed extruded snacks, cereals, pastas, tortillas, baked goods and insect based meats.
  • Cutting Edge Insect Farming Automation/Mechanization: The company has, with funding from USDA and DARPA (military) developed several prototypes of equipment for feeding, watering and harvesting farm raised insects, and one commercial ready unit for harvesting and flash freezing crickets.
  • World Leader in Edible Insect Genetics: All Things Bugs LLC is taking farm raised insects to the next level. With funding from DARPA (military) we are using CRISPR gene editing to develop base technologies for creating insects as a new bioresource. Our insects will be disease resistant and higher in nutritional value. We are also developing technologies to produce non-food bioproducts in insects including vaccines, antimicrobials, pharmaceuticals and other valuable bioproducts


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