While insects offer a uniquely game changing solution for sustainable, versatile, secure protein and food production, the industry scale is currently low and prices of insect-based ingredients are high. This is due to 2 factors: 1) low scale and 2) manual, antiquated, outdated inefficient farming methodologies and lack of technology/innovation. THIS IS WHERE ALL THINGS BUGS LLC COMES IN: We have identified the critical points in the insect farming process for crickets, mealworms and other species where efficiencies are lacking, and innovations/automation/mechanization can have the most beneficial impacts on cost.

Automation and mechanization of insect farming is critical for success. Currently, feeding, watering, separating, harvesting and freezing are all done manually. All Things Bugs has developed equipment, methodologies and technologies to improve efficiencies at all of these farming stages. Particularly, much of the labor for mealworm and cricket farming is at the harvesting stage. Currently farms are manually sifting out the waste and freezing these insects in small quantities in freezers. This is not only time, labor and energy inefficient; it can also lead to risks of micro growth if the insects are stacked in the freezers too quickly or densely. All Things Bugs has developed automated and mechanized systems that separate waste from insects at harvest and even flash freeze them on a continuous conveyor system that we invented and optimized specifically for crickets, mealworms and other insects!

Additionally, we are developing cutting edge fully automated mealworm farming equipment and systems to mechanize and optimize the complete mealworm farming process from egg to harvest!

Critical aspects of post-harvest farming and processing: Freezing–need rapid efficient continuous freezing to optimize packaging–packaging–if flash frozen can package product in any size from 30 pound bags to 1,000 pound totes, or even into a large scale continuous processing / food manufacturing plant attached to the farm for MAXIMUM optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness! Our firm is uniquely experienced and qualified to help with all of this! We have already developed many of the required technologies and equipment! In fact, we currently have cricket/mealworm harvester/freezer systems currently available for sale.

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Also, improved, more sustainable, gluten-free and plant based insect feeds needed to even further improve already spectacularly low insect farm environmental footprint and lower costs. We have already developed several cricket feed formulations which are plant and agricultural byproduct based (and gluten-free) that out-perform existing cricket feeds on the market and at a much lower cost.

We would love to work, collaborate or partner with you to improve your insect farming operation or establish new insect farming capacity to help scale this industry for maximum benefit to the environment and food security!

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