Dr. Aaron T. Dossey Speaking at IFT Chicago


Athens, Georgia— Dr. Aaron T. Dossey from All Things Bugs will explore the use of insect-based foods at IFT15: Where Science Feeds Innovation, July 13, 2015 in Chicago. This event is hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists.

Despite billions of pounds of insects produced for the pet food and animal feed industry, a huge global potential exists for nutritious food and ingredient production from insects. The “Insect Based Foods: Views From Different Perspectives” session will cover some of the recent advances in rearing mass quantities of insects for foods and ingredients, as well as regulatory and economic aspects of this emerging industry.

The session will be held on July 13 from 10:00 am – 11:30 am in room N427a at the McCormick Place South at IFT15.

According to the United Nations, there are over 2000 species of insects regularly already eaten around the world. Raising edible insects requires less feed than cattle while producing a similar amount of protein, as much calcium as milk and high levels of many vitamins and minerals. Edible insects represent an untapped, sustainable and nutritious food source for an increasing human population.

This month, Dr. Dossey also begins new research in the first U.S. Department of Agriculture funded project to focus on insect farming for All Things Bugs www.allthingsbugs.com info@allthingsbugs.com // (352) 281-3643 human food, concentrating on improving efficiency and lowering costs in farming crickets.

More than 20,000 top food science and technology professionals from more than 90 countries, representing the most prominent organizations in the global food sector will come together at IFT15 to feature the very latest food products, the hottest food trends and the most important developments in the world of food science.

Scientific and applied education sessions will address hot topics in food safety, product development, food health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and novel processing and packaging. Over 100
educational sessions and 1,000 poster presentations will provide information on the latest developments and trends in food science.

For more information about IFT15 visit: http://www.am-fe.ift.org/cms/.

About All Things Bugs, LLC

All Things Bugs, LLC is currently the world’s largest insect-based food company. All Things Bugs utilizes insects as “Low-Crawling Fruit,” by developing insect-based food and feed products, insect farming technologies and insect-derived biologically active chemical compounds for use in agriculture and medicine.

Learn more at www.allthingsbugs.com

Contact: Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, Founder, All Things Bugs LLC

info@allthingsbugs.com, 1-352-281-3643


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