Bugs in Space! All Things Bugs LLC Takes on NASA Deep Space Food Challenge

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2021 / A preeminent thought leader in the use of insects as an alternative protein source, All Things Bugs LLC is an authority in the genetic engineering of insects as a sustainable alternative to inefficient agricultural production and animal farming efforts. This proprietary research in the world of entomophagy has garnered the All Things Bugs LLC research team international attention over the years, the latest of which is a spot in the running for the Deep Space Food Challenge.

As part of All Things Bugs LLC’s cutting-edge research, they are looking beyond earth to support long-term human populations on the moon, Mars, and other places in the future. Insects make the ideal animal protein source and livestock for use in outer space. In fact, for the foreseeable future, insects are the only animals that are feasible to consider for non-earth environments according to current research. They are small, can be grown modularly, do not harbor most human diseases, are high in protein and other nutrients, and are extremely efficient with feed and water utilization. What’s more, All Things Bugs LLC’s research to develop insect farming for space also contributes to food sustainability on earth as the technologies will be easily adapted to earth agriculture.

What is the Deep Space Food Challenge?

The Deep Space Food Challenge is a competition taking place on the international stage, administered by NASA and CSA. The challenge? To crown a team of researchers able to create food technology that is self-sustaining enough to endure throughout travel in deep space while still being safe and nutrient-dense enough to act as a viable food source throughout long-term missions.

These game-changer food technologies must be palatable enough for a team of four astronauts to feasibly live off of for a period of three years, and resource-conscious enough to survive long periods with minimal need for precious space and supplies in a spacecraft. Dr. Aaron Dossey, entomophagy thought leader and head researcher at All Things Bugs, saw this challenge and said “game on”.

Not only does the winning team need to adhere to the stringent standards above to be considered for this competition, but the sustainable superfood produced needs to be produced utilizing limited resources available on the moon or Mars. All Things Bugs LLC’s technology maximizes the efficiency of growing insects, mushrooms, vegetables, and spices with the bare minimum inputs of water and organic matter. The company has a wide variety of insect-based recipes and food products that are the perfect fit for this mission. Some examples include: pastas, cereals, alternative meats, snacks, tortillas, and All Things Bugs’ patented Griopro® brand cricket powder.

Dr. Aaron T. Dossey – thought leader

A natural extension of his life’s work, this mission to source a sustainable alternative protein source is one he has been pioneering for decades. Dr. Aaron T. Dossey (Ph.D. in biochemistry, molecular biology, and biomedical science) is a life-long, self-taught Entomologist and enthusiast of Entomology and nature. He is a pioneer of insect-farming technology and insect-based food product development and has developed patented solutions that are poised to have a profound effect on the world.

As founder of All Things Bugs LLC, Dr. Aaron T. Dossey has published several peer-reviewed articles and the field’s only textbook (Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients). His passion for creative solutions utilizing insects has earned him over $4 million in research funding and grants, including grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA, DARPA, and the state of Oklahoma.

About All Things Bugs

Founded over 10 years ago, All Things Bugs is the leading innovator in developing insects as sustainable solutions for food, agriculture, and health. The company develops cutting-edge technologies in everything from insect-based food and ingredient products to insect farming technologies and insect genomics and genetic engineering.

Today, the company brings decades of experience to the table using its wealth of knowledge in genetic engineering, biomedical science, farming technology, and food production to solidify its place as a world leader in the industry.

Those interested in learning more about the company or its cutting-edge agricultural and biotech research are encouraged to by calling 352-281-3643.



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