Bugging Out

Aaron T. Dossey Aaron Dossey with a stick bug in the UF Entomology and Nematology Department’s natural area. He received a $100,000 grant earlier this year for his research in bug-based food. Photo courtesy of Aaron Dossey.
A UF grad seeks to develop green technologies and end child malnutrition through bug-based food.

Go ahead, munch on a mealworm.

Crunch on a cricket.

How about a lunch of larva?

A classic schoolyard dare in the U.S., eating bugs is taboo by Western standards. But it may be key to decreasing child malnutrition and improving worldwide health.

Supported and studied by a tight-knit community of researchers and bug-o-philes, the bug-based technologies field is getting more attention lately thanks to the efforts of Aaron Dossey (PhD ’06).

Dossey, a former U.S. Department of Agriculture research entomologist, has been fascinated by bugs and chemistry since he was a kid. Now he’s trying to make his passions pay off for the cause through the company he founded and a $100,000 grant he won.

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