All Things Bugs: We’re having conversations with a lot of mainstream food manufacturers

Aaron Dossey from All Things Bugs
While cost is a barrier – and regulatory issues need ironing out – mainstream food manufacturers “have been way more open to this [using edible insects in their products] than you would probably think”, says the founder of the world’s largest insect-based food ingredient manufacturer.

And given how long it takes larger manufactures to bring new products to market, food companies want to be ahead of the curve from an R&D perspective by starting to experiment with cricket powders now, All Things Bugs found Aaron T Dossey, PHD, told FoodNavigator-USA.

“In the early days we got a lot of inquires that didn’t really go anywhere, but now we’re starting to get more serious inquiries.  People will buy 3olbs, and then they will come back and buy 60-90lbs….”

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