About All Things Bugs

Founded: July 19, 2011

Founder: Dr. Aaron T. Dossey

Original location: Gainesville, Florida, USA

Number of employees:  1

Areas of Interest:  Food, Nutrition, Drug Discovery, Antibiotics, Chemical Ecology, Natural Products

Target Markets: RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food), Protein Supplements, Body Building, Survival Foods, Alternative Meat Products, Antibiotic Development

clean sustainable protein from insects
All Things Bugs develops sustainable eco-friendly technologies from insects to improve food security and health.

Insects make up the largest and most diverse group of organisms on the planet.  The biochemical and chemical diversity within these creatures matches or exceeds that biological diversity.  Insects also possess highly efficient metabolic pathways which utilize their food and water much more efficiently than other animals such as cows, chickens, pigs and other vertebrate livestocks.  However, relatively little research has been done to utilize these features of insects for the benefit of people and our planet.  Thus, All Things Bugs seeks to capitalize on this Low-Crawling Fruit by developing insect-derived food products and biologically active chemical compounds for use in agriculture and medicine.

Read more in the The Science section of this site!

One of our specific goals is to develop sustainable food products made from insects as primary or secondary ingredients.  Insects are highly efficient at converting a wide variety of materials, including matter which humans either cannot eat or which are agricultural waste products, into pure insect body mass.  Insects also require much less water than traditional vertebrate animal livestock such as chicken, cow, pig or goat.  This insect body mass, as with any other animal, is very high in protein and essential vitamins and other micronutrients.  Insects are also high in a number of beneficial fatty acids.  You can read more about the health and ecological benefits of eating insects in the Entomophagy section of this site!

The first project for All Things Bugs is to develop a sustainable eco-friendly RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) product made from insects to eliminate malnutrition in children from famine-stricken areas of the world.  Seed funding (Phase I, $100,000) for this project has been generally provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from their Grand Challenges grant program (Round 8, started May 2012).

All Things Bugs created the highest quality Finely Milled Whole Cricket Powder in the industry using a patented process and called the product Griopro.  Customers are able to purchase our product and find out more information on Griopro’s new website www.Cricketpowder.com.