Edible Insects [VIDEO]

Insects May Be the Answer to Consumer Demand for More Protein


CHICAGO—The growing consumer demand for protein—and the lack of new farmland to raise more livestock—could make insects an attractive alternative to traditional protein sources, according to a July 13 symposium at IFT15: Where Science Feeds Innovation hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists(IFT) in Chicago.

“We have 7 billion people now and that’s projected to be 9 billion in 2050. We’re already using a third of the land on Earth for raising livestock, and the demand for protein is growing even faster than the population, especially animal protein,” said Aaron Dossey, Ph.D., founder of All Things Bugs LLC. “The good news is I think insects are a very nutritional alternative.”

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Edible Insects Are Ready For Prime Time

Aaron Dossey from All Things Bugs

While cost is a barrier – and regulatory issues need ironing out – mainstream food manufacturers are “way more open” to using edible insects than you would think, says the founder of the word’s largest insect-based food ingredient manufacturer, All Things Bugs.

“We’re having conversations with a lot of food manufacturers in baked goods, snacks, protein powders, and even mainstream food manufacturers have been way more open to this than you probably would think.”
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